Five Ways to Run a Successful Blog in 2021

 Five Ways to Run a Successful Blog in 2021

Before we start enumerating the ways of how to create a successful blog, we must first talk about the meaning of the word blog itself. It is very easy to find answers when you’re searching on Google on how to start a successful blog, how to make a successful blog and most successful blogs in 2021.

How to start a blog
How to make money from blog

A blog can literally refer to as website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentaries, description of events, or other materials such as graphics or video. 

All these entries are commonly and severally displayed in reverse chronological order. This same word BLOG can be used as a verb, which means to maintain or add content to a blog. They are many platforms where you can create personal blog, which include, blogger, wix and other trusted websites.

Olainfo has compiled about five ways as an individual, you can run a blog successfully. Also later this article I will discuss about how to monetize your blog, how to get Google AdSense easily and other alternative ad networks. However, let’s start with first topic of ways to run a successful blog:

  1. You must always respect copyright and intellectual property laws and regulations: what this implies is that, as a blogger who wants to be respected as a unique publisher and avoid infringement of someone’s copyright, you must not copy people’s blog contents or articles. Create them on from your own knowledge. But if you desire to copy another person’s work, make sure you seek the approval or reference the source of the content and the original author.
  2. Always think before you start a blog: since a blog is a public access, you should be mindful of whatever you publish to avoid what could make you regret later. Blog can have an option of restricted access, so keep that in mind when creating your blog.
  3. Don’t be abusive: due to the public nature of blogs, as they go live on the web, which thousands of people will get access to view the contents, this does lead to the likelihood of disagreement on topics especially if you find a comment from your followers that gets you angry.
  4. Avoid similar comment that might stimulate such remarks and probably spread beyond your blog to the other platforms. If you feel the need to address such situation, ensure your comments are relevant to the opinion only and not the person voicing the opinion or simply disapprove the comment.
  5. Do not respond to blog trolls: obviously, the best way to keep your reputation as a distinguished blogger is to ignore trolls. Troll is a slang literally for a person who repeatedly posts comments on blogs to condemn whatever the publisher has written.   You must allow trolls in your blogging career to keep your audience.

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How to Monetize Your Blog

There are several ways which a publisher can monetize his/her blog. If you search on Google, you will find different networks that offer ad serving on websites but not all are reliable. I’ll recommend three networks I’m confident will provide almost everything you need in content monetization.

Google AdSense: It’s one amongst numerous products Google offers on the web. It has been in existence since 2003 and has been on top of best and reliable ad networks. It’s a CPC and RPM ad network. It pays publishers according to traffic volume, traffic source, bounce rate and quality of contents. No minimum traffic requirement as approval but must have enough quality and plagiarism free contents of 300 words and above. It’s unarguably one of the best alternatives to Google AdSense. It’s a Chinese ranked as the second largest contextual ad serving network in the world. Its pays per thousand impression is reasonable but site must be receiving most of its traffic from US, Canada and UK. This makes its approval and income easily earned.

Ezoic: This is also a reliable adx network that help publishers to monetize their sites and help optimize revenue. It’s an adx network that partners with Google a certified reseller of AdSense. You can use the two ads on your site by serving them on different positions of your blog pages. It also helps optimize your AdSense ads to get a high percentage of revenue. 

And for aspiring bloggers who wish to start or create a blog or website for free and make money from it. You can create a blog with WordPress, Blogger and Wix, they allow you to host your blog on their platforms for free but the name of their platforms will appear in your domain name. If i had created on WordPress, it will appear like this

Regarding monetizing your free blog, i will recommend you create your blog with Blogger because it has been the only free platform i have seen so far that has AdSense displaying on its free hosted site. However if i had gone for free Blogger hosting, my site will appear like this

Hope this article is helpful? if you have any question or idea to share you indicate in comment below thanks.

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