Aluu Residents Express Gratitude as Electricity Finally Restored in The Community

 Aluu Residents Express Gratitude as Electricity Finally Restored in The Community

Aluu community is a geographical area in Rivers State of Nigeria where people from different villages of the state live in. it happens to be one of the student communities that house the students of the University of Port Harcourt, Aluu is a neighouring community to Choba town where the federal university is located. Previously, there was a report of power outage that lasted for more than a year. This was caused by the refusal of the residents to pall their tmore than a year by the power holding company.

The attention of the state government was called to upon the disconnection of the community according to the committee of chiefs in a brief consultation by Olainfo team. They claimed that they had informed and seek intervention from the previous administration to come to their aid but was ignored. One of the chiefs told us that the then government intentionally ignored their request because majority of Aluu residents voted for opposition candidate during the election that brought him to power the second term.

Speaking with some of the students who reside in the community, a student of the English Studies, Olawale Shitu expressed delight over the development, he narrated what they went through during the outage. He said they had to take their cloths to laundry shop to iron each time they prepare for class, and this gulp consume a lot of money everyday, this money could be used to cook a food to sustain their living. He added that some of the students living in his lodge only use electric stoves, so to cook became a difficult task for as they just managing their lives. Even the ones that possess stove or gas has not money to fill cylinder or buy kerosene for their cooker. They always lack water in their compound due to the power outage, he said.

However, the chiefs have expressed gratitude to the present government of the state for remembering them after one year of outage. It’s a welcome development as economy of the community will be back to normal. They explained how residents have been have been relocating to other neighbouring communities where they have steady light, most of their business could not survive without government light. But it’s a new down for the community, we urge the ever patient residents to maintain calmness as they have always do to contribute to the development of their area of living.

Some of the students who are happy about the current situation of power said that the good news is best attributed to them. One of them who happens to be a student of philosophy said that the new development will really save the students from extra spending, ranging from using money to iron cloth, to charge phones and laptops to powering the water pump, and that’s where they have light generators that use fuel. They however thank the governor for a job well done and promised to always support him in the state.

In other to confirm the claims of the residents and chiefs of Aluu community, that the light outage lasted for a year, and the previous administration too refused to intervene because they didn’t vote for them, we extended our consultation tour to the office of the power holding company situated in the community. According to the head of the company, Aluu community branch, Mr. Gboyega Rafiu, confirmed that the previous government failed to settle their bills but he’s not sure if it was because of the chiefs’ claim that they didn’t vote for them.