How to Convert Your Car, Motorcycle to Money Makings Machines

How to Convert Your Car, Motorcycle to Money Makings Machines

Owners of cars, it may be salon or whatever category and motorcycles that still don’t know how to make money with it or the ones that are already running taxi with their cars and motorcycles but record low income everyday and still haven’t discover another means of monetizing them that will yield high for them, this piece will help you improve the gain more knowledge on how you can earn big with these machines.

Although many people in Nigeria especially the educated ones underrate this work, they believe it only fits the illiterate but till date, thousands of graduates have engaged in this work and their life have changed for good. If you are still sitting waiting for manner fall, obviously you are on a long thing.

Motorcycle work popularly known as okada in Nigeria local language, is mostly done in the south western part of the country. The idea of moving people from one place to another with help of motorcycle was first started in south west Nigeria which is the Yoruba land, they charge people for the service and commute within and outside a community or town. This means of making morning is quite good and encouraging for an idle man but the income tends not to be enough to meet up your needs, there are graduates doing this job out of scarcity of employment in the country while just feel it’s lucrative.

On the other hand, driving taxi with your car is another means where people make money like motorcycle. You can carry about five passengers at once unlike okada that’s allowed to carry only one passenger with same amount with taxi according to the rules and regulation of government of the land. This is still not enough to meet up needs in the current state of Nigeria’s economy as you will need to work all day and night to make a reasonable profit just like the okada too. 

However, seeing the stress people going through in making money through this medium, we have suggested some means which you can comfortably monetize these machines without much stress and get a whooping income at the end of each day. Olainfo have compiled a list of ways you can monetize your car or taxi and motorcycle which will earn you big in a comfortable, contemporary and prestigious way.

The first way we will recommend is Uber, this is a commercial company with branches in several parts of Nigeria that contract with car users to move passengers from one place to another and pay a certain percentage at the end of the week. This company specialize those who love to hire a car for movement, it could be intra or inter location movement. The terms and condition for the users is that the car you use used as private or taxi must be clean with factory fitted air conditioner. There are other companies too that engage okada or motorcycle riders in this kind of business, Gokada is a good example, their operational base is Lagos. You can try this out if you want to improve your standard of living.

Another way to monetize your motorcycle is through logistic company, you can work with a logistic firm to deliver goods and commodities to customers. You can equally set up your own and start delivering for people who sell through online shopping. You can start with one bike and later increase it to two or more if you wish to expand your business. We hope this message has impacted some wisdom and knowledge on you, we hope it influence your thinking on how improve your source of income.

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