Reading Habit of Nigerians towards Online News – Olainfo

Before the advent of the internet, news and information can only be accessed through the first mainstream media which are the newspaper firm and radio stations. When information is being disseminated in the era of newspaper all and radio, you would have to listen attentively to grasp the message being passed by the presenter while […]Read More

Five Ways to Use Facebook as a Journalist

Since the advent of the social media, journalism has become easy and inclusive to both who studied the course and those who studied a different course. Journalism has been brought to individual level that anybody can be a reporter provided you have an internet enabled smartphone. You can capture the scene of an event which […]Read More

Five Ways to Run a Successful Blog in 2021

Before we start enumerating the ways of how to create a successful blog, we must first talk about the meaning of the word blog itself. It is very easy to find answers when you’re searching on Google on how to start a successful blog, how to make a successful blog and most successful blogs in […]Read More

How to Secure a Job Easily in Nigeria – Olainfo

Getting job in the country is climbing Zuma rock, the system of governance in Nigeria has contributed to high rate of unemployment in Nigeria that has now left citizens, graduates in despair. It is obvious government is not ready for the masses as they only care for their own pockets and needs. Meanwhile in some […]Read More