Study in UK: £12k Perry Foundation Study Awards 2023/24 for International

Study in UK: £12k Perry Foundation Study Awards 2023/24 for International Students

Olainfo brings you the latest scholarship opportunity from Perry Foundation Study Awards 2023/24 for students who wish to study in the UK.

Are you passionate about advancing your education and achieving your dreams? The Perry Foundation Study Awards might just be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. In this article, we’ll dive into what these awards are, who is eligible, how to apply, and the impact they have on education.

What Are Perry Foundation Study Awards?

The Perry Foundation Study Awards are a testament to the commitment of the Perry Foundation in supporting educational pursuits. These awards are designed to empower individuals who have a strong desire to further their education and make a positive impact on society.

Benefits of Perry Foundation Study Awards

One of the most significant advantages of the Perry Foundation Study Awards is the financial support they offer. Recipients receive scholarships that cover tuition fees, books, and living expenses. Additionally, they gain access to mentorship programs and networking opportunities, setting them on a path to success.

Perry Foundation Study Awards 2023/24

The Perry Foundation Study Awards for 2023 are available for individuals pursuing a PhD in the field of Agriculture and related disciplines. This scholarship opportunity is generously offered by the Perry Foundation.

Who can apply for Perry Foundation Study Awards 2023/24?

Nigerians and other Africans can apply for this scholarship as it’s open to all nationals.

Eligibility Criteria for Perry Foundation Study Awards 2023/24

  1. PhD research in an agriculture-related discipline is a prerequisite for students.
  2. Graduates with a first or upper second class honors degree in a relevant subject typically qualify for the awards.
  3. Applicants taking final exams in the summer of the application year will be eligible, with awards contingent upon a satisfactory exam outcome.

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Applications for postgraduate funding should state clearly but briefly:

  1. The Purpose of the PhD Project:
    This section outlines the purpose of the PhD project for which funding is required.
  2. Expected Outcomes/Benefits:
    Discuss the anticipated outcomes and benefits of the project, both on a personal level (if applicable) and in alignment with the objectives of the Perry Foundation.
  3. Project Implementation:
    Explain how the project will be carried out, including the methodologies, approaches, and timelines.
  4. Resource Requirements:
    List the key resources required for the project, including expertise and facilities.
  5. Outline Budget:
    Provide an overview of the budget, including items such as course fees, stipend/living/travel expenses, materials, contribution to overheads, staff costs, and other costs (e.g., hire charges, specialist fees, laboratory charges). Mention the level of funding obtained or applied for from other sources.
  6. Risk Assessment:
    Identify and discuss the main risks associated with the project.
  7. Collaborators and Funders:
    Describe any other individuals or organizations involved as collaborators, funders, or partners in the project.
  8. University/Research Institute Details:
    Provide information about the university or research institute where the project will be conducted.
  9. Project Supervisor Details:
    Include details of the project supervisor, highlighting their qualifications and expertise relevant to the project.
  10. Lead Applicant’s CV:
    Provide the curriculum vitae (CV) of the lead applicant, who must be the student applying for the PhD project funding.

How to Apply for Perry Foundation Study Awards 2023/24

Interested applicants should apply HERE

Degree: PhD

Provided by: Perry Foundation

Scholarship value: Partial Funding, up to £12,000

Deadline: 31 Oct 2023

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