Ondo Set to Commence the Construction of a Deep Seaport- Akeredolu

 Ondo Set to Commence the Construction of a Deep Seaport- Akeredolu

The governor of Ondo State, Rotimi Akeredolu has taken to his social media handle to announce the readiness of the federal government of Nigeria to issue a declaration to the state government to kick-start the construction of the proposed seaport in the state.

The governor has promised his people that he’ll make his with his gaint strides to ensure Ondo State become economic hub of the country. Governor Akeredolu disclosed this on Friday that the present administration of President Buhari is set to issue a declaration to the state, a commencement of the construction of ondo state seaport which the governor claims would be the largest in West Africa. He said the declaration is likely to hold on or before November 2020.

The governor expressed joy as he’s about to make history in the being the first governor to such gigantic project in the state. He said history and posterity would be kind to him.

He revealed that before the end of his tenure, the seaport would start operation and a fully loaded ship would discharge content at the new seaport by the grace of God. He made this remark while addressing members of Ondo Coalition 2020, in the state capital, Akure.

The governor and legal practitioner, Akeredolu said that the project will in future change the phase of the state and bring fortune to not only Ondo State but Nigeria at large. He claimed the implementation of projects that will boost the economy of the state is a top priority of his government.

In his speech while addressing the coalition group, he disclosed that this is the beginning of freedom from economic stagnation, extreme poverty and unemployment for the youth and people of the state at large.

He said the federal government will on or before November 2020 will issue a declaration to start the construction of the proposed deep seaport which he claims may be the largest in West Africa.

The governor further stressed further that the top priority of his government in his second term is the state seat port which is set to commence and exploration of bitumen in the southern part of the state. And also continue to boost agriculture potentials.

The coordinator of Ondo Coalition 2020, Akin Akinbobola in his speech described the governor as a man who’s poised and committed to change the look of perspective of Ondo State from a civil service state to a highly industrialized state.

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