Everything You Need to Know about Emeka Tissue Paper and Its Founder

 Everything You Need to Know about Emeka Tissue Paper and Its Founder

Correctng had earlier reported a story of a tissue paper with a brand name, ‘Emeka’ spotted in a supermarket in Russia.

According to Correctng, the picture of Emeka tissues spotted in Russia was shared by a Twitter user on his handle, @UchePOkoye. Some of the users who reacted to the tweep claimed they have also seen the tissue paper in Bulgaria, Belarus, Ukraine and Georgia.

According to the reactions from vast social media users, the brand is believed to be owned by an Igbo man who hails from Southeastern part of Nigeria because the brand name is written like that of an Igbo name, ‘Emeka.’

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However, there seems to be confusion among many Nigerians who know nothing about Emeka toilet paper and still doubt if it is owned by a Nigerian or not.

In this article, Olainfo will share with you their findings on the real owner and founder of the brand, ‘Emeka’ tissue paper which was spotted in Russia.

Who is the Owner of Emeka Tissue Paper

Emeka tissue paper is one of the brands of FICOSOTA; a company that specialises on the production of home and personal care products, dairy food and snack food.

FICOSOTA introduced its presence into the tissue market in 2007 with the introduction of MILDE, a is range of toilet paper dedicated to the Bulgarian market.

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The company later introduced EMEKA, a brand that consist of tissue products like toilet paper and kitchen roll. Today, EMEKA and MILDE are produced in a wide range of packaging, fragranced versions and colors and exported in 10 countries worldwide…..read more

Contrary to the view of many Nigerians that EMEKA tissue paper is owned by an Igbo man because it bears an Igbo-like name, EMEKA was coined from Emecho; a little male panda bear who lives in Emekaland. want to know more about the origin of Emeka and products? click here.

Who is the Owner and Founder of Emeka Tissue Paper

Owner and founder of Emeka tissue paper Russia

EMEKA tissue paper and MILDE are tissue brands under the umbrella of FICOSOTA, a Bulgarian company owned by Krasen Kyurkchiev from Bulgaria. He is not a Nigerian, Yoruba, Hausa or an Igbo man.

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