Lucrative Business to Do in Nigeria in 2022

 Lucrative Business to Do in Nigeria in 2022

Despite several challenges facing Nigeria, the country still maintain the largest and strongest economy in Africa.

No kind of business done in Nigeria that does not thrive. Nigeria population and zeal to work hard amongst its populace has been the secret behind their success.

There are businesses few Nigerians are making millions of naira from but seems to be receiving less attention from many.

In this concise and explicable piece, I will be outlining a number of businesses you can do in Nigeria in 2022 that will earn you millions of naira.

Ice Block Making

Ice Block making is a very lucrative business right now. Few persons who have delved into the business will found it hard to share the secret with anyone to avoid competition in his/her area.

Ice Block making only require a locally fabricated machine according to your budget, a generator of high capacity and clean water.

Capital for the whole process is estimated to be around N1 million to N2 million and you will be smiling everyday.

Driving with Bolt or Uber

This is another lucrative job Nigerians who know how to drive or owns cars are making cool cash from.

With your clean and factory fitted air conditioning car, driver’s license, you are qualified to apply for a cab driving job at either of the aforementioned companies.

According to sources, driving with Bolt or Uber can earn you from N150, 000 to N300,000 monthly.

Plantain Farming

Plantain Farming is another business that can turn you to a millionaire if you are ready to venture into it.

As many are running away from farming, there are many Nigerians making it big from it but will never tell you.

I believe we all know how costly plantains are sold in Nigeria markets especially in the cities where agricultural produce are being transported to from remote villages.

I will advise you go to those areas and start with 2 plots of land, get the suckers at affordable price and engage labourers or experts in the plantation.

Rental Service

Just budge from N1 million for materials to rent out and you are good to go. The materials could be plastic chairs, tables, tents, speakers for occasions.

Sit back and see your income soaring with little cost at running the business. It is advisable you get a vehicle that will be conveying these items to venues as it will be calculated with the charges too.

That’s all for now, will update more as I intensify on my research. Feel free to share for others too.

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