Woman Seeks For Divorce as Husband's Head Suddenly Goes Bald

Woman Seeks For Divorce as Husband’s Head Suddenly Goes Bald

A Zambian lady has allegedly seeked for divorce because her of 31-year-old suddenly develops bald head.

The 28-year-old lady who chose to hide her Identity shared this with a Zambian online media platform which she asked them to publish to seek the opinion of the public.

Our source revealed that, the young lady who is a nurse, has been expressing her hatred for bald head since childhood. According to her, she had never imagined getting married to a man with a bald head.

The nurse narrated how the loss of hair started, she said her husband started losing hair six years after getting married. It seemed like a joke last year when the man started losing small spot at the back but now is now more visible for someone from a distance to see, she said.

She now feel so embarrassed and annoyed to the extent that, she now denies him of marital rights in the bedroom. She always feel uncomfortable with him especially when he visits her at work.

The young lady is now thinking of leaving him and the public to advise her. Comment below 👇

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