Where You Can Get Affordable Accommodation in Port Harcourt

Where You Can Get Affordable Accommodation in Port Harcourt

The city of Port Harcourt in Rivers State of Nigeria is said to be one of the most expensive cities to live in Nigeria. The state is a house to people from different ethnic groups and diverse language, the geographical location of the state of consist of the coastal region and mainland. The island areas consist of Bonny, Calabary, Okroka and host of others. While the upland consist of Ogoni, Etche, Ahoada and Ikwere. The ikwere people are the major owner of the capital city, Port Harcourt, the city’s population is 2 million and is occupied by both indigenes and strangers from both other parts of the state and Nigeria.

Due to the vibrant economy of the city and high level of investment, people tend to see Port Harcourt as a fruitful land to seek greener pasture. Hundreds of people troop to the city on daily basis to seek good living and explore business ideas and opportunities. Rivers State is one of the oil producing state in the country which houses most of the oil companies in Nigeria, people tend to see this as privilege to should exploit to make money as they inflate the price of commodity and most especially house rent within the city.

The price of foodstuffs in Port Harcourt is high unlike other cities in the country, this exploitation is not limited to traders alone as landlords are using this medium to make money from their land and properties. House rent is Port Harcourt is one of its kind except the federal capital territory, Abuja where the major towns are for the rich. But the good thing about this city is that, the price of foodstuffs is cheaper than that of Port Harcourt. If you want to live in the urban towns of Abuja, it will cost you from around 200,000 naira and above while, in the rural areas you’ll just need from 50,000 naira and above depending on the standard of the house.

While in Port Harcourt, to get a comfortable standard accommodation structures where there’s a bit steady electricity and job opportunities like Odili Road, Trans-Amadi, GRA axis, you would need to hold a whooping of 200,000 naira and above. While in the semi-rural areas like Choba, Ozuoba and others, you can get a room from 65,000 naira and above while self contains from 90,000 naira and above depending on the standard. The good thing about the less developed areas is that foodstuff price is a little lower than that of the urban areas but steady electricity is their major challenge, power is not constant in those area.

However, there are other communities outside Port Harcourt but very close to the city where you can live. If you work in the city and probably you don’t have enough money to rent accommodation there, you can take advantage of these locations. One of the communities is Aluu, the entire area is outside the city but they share boundary, movement from this community to the city is trek able which makes it easy to work in the city and live outside. Rukpokwu is another community under ikewere local government that share boundary with Port Harcourt. You can get accommodation there and work in the city.

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