VIDEO: Outrage as Lagos State Government Set to Demolish Magodo Estate,

VIDEO: Outrage as Lagos State Government Set to Demolish Magodo Estate, Source Reveals Real Reason

Report has revealed that, the Lagos State government is set to demolish popular Magodo estate in Lagos.

In a video shared on social media on Wednesday morning, a giant bulldozer could be seen trying to gain entrance into the estate to begin demolition.

The reports reveals there was huge detachment of armed Mobile Policemen invade Magodo Phase 2 Estate in Lagos ostensibly on the orders of the Inspector General Police.

Their mission is to provide cover for the demolition and takeover of the Estate.

The Police had earlier led a group of hoodlums into the Estate who marked virtually all the houses in the fully-built Estate for demolition while Lagos State government has surprisingly remained silent.

The residents have formed a human shield at the entrance of the gate. A heavy cri.s!s is brewing, the source stated.

However, a fresh report today December 22 has revealed that, former, governor of Lagos state, Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu has a link on the demolition saga.

According to Gist Lovers, Tinubu had allegedly confiscated the land which the estate is sited from the real owners and the case has been in court long time ago.

Gist Lovers wrote:

“Hello tueh tueh, una intending president don do am again oooo, About the magodo Demolition wahala,Tinubu(TinuBend Jagabendi) and his cohorts took magodo lands forcefully from awon omo onile back then…. And they sold it to individuals as their own.

“The matter has been in court for long, so the court just ruled in favour of the omo onile now and they are ready to take their lands back, many houses are affected but not the whole of magodo phase 2,now as it is them omo onile want to renegotiate with landlords in magodo and resell to them because its rightfully their lands, if u gree u pay them, if u no gree they demolish ur house.

“That is why Lagos state is silent now, Dear Lagos state and Sanwooku Tinubend puppet, say something about this whole brouhaha, it’s few days to Xmas and people are going through this, it’s really sad, I come in peace
Magodo estate demolition

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