Twitter Suspension: Management Vows to Restore Access for Nigerians

Twitter Suspension: Management Vows to Restore Access for Nigerians

Not more than 24 hours the popular social network, Twitter’s operations was banned in Nigeria by federal government, the management of the company has disclosed that it will work towards restoring access for Nigerians again.

The Buhari-led administration yesterday, reportedly suspended the operations of the network in the country over deletion of president Buhari’s controversial tweet by the management.

Jack Dorsey, Twitter founder and management maintained that the tweet go against their policy and having reported by Nigerians who use the app, it was necessitated to take down the tweet.

Recall president Muhammadu Buhari has been under backlash after he made an inciting comment on Twitter and Facebook, threatening to unleash the civil war experience on the people of South-East Nigeria.

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Twitter had also reacted to the new decree of the Nigeria government banning its operation in the country. They described the suspension as deeply concerning and needs to be investigated.

In a latest tweet by the management via the Twitter Public Policy handle, the network expressed displeasure with the ban, noting that access to free and #OpenInternet is essential to human right in modern society.

It therefore vows to work towards restoring access without Virtual Private Network, VPN for Nigerians who rely on the platform to communicate and connect with the world.

How to Access or Use Twitter With VPN in Nigeria

Pending the time Twitter will restore access to its playfom again for Nigerians, you can still use the app with Virtual Private Network VPN to access your account. There are many free and paid VPN apps on play stores like Google, apple play stores and their likes. If you chose to go for the free one, I will recommend using SecVPN.

It’s totally free and can connect many servers across the world. Just visit any play store of your choice, search for SecVPN and download. After downloading it, install on your phone and choose your preferred country server you wish to connect or allow the app connect you automatically to any server.

How to Access or Use Twitter without VPN in Nigeria

You can as well use or access your Twitter account without VPN in Nigeria. All you need to do is to first access your account with the VPN enabled on your phone and later disabled it after you have implemented the instructions below šŸ‘‡

  1. Open your Twitter App
  2. Click on theĀ OptionsĀ button and go toĀ Settings and Privacy
  3. TickĀ Enable HTTP Proxy
  4. EnterĀ  theĀ Proxy Host:Ā
  5. Enter theĀ Port:Ā 8080

That is all you need to do and you are good to go

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