Trump Shames Facebook, Twitter as He’s Set to Launch His Own Social Media Platform

 Trump Shames Facebook, Twitter as He’s Set to Launch His Own Social Media Platform

Former president of the US, Donald Trump is set to launch own social media platform after being suspended by several notable platforms for his unconstitutional, inciting actions and words.

Trump’s loss to Joe Biden in the last presidential election resulted to the attack on Capitol by some of his aggrieved supporters on January 6, 2021. This incident eventually lead to his accounts being suspended by Twitter, Facebook and other social network platforms.

This was disclosed by one of his senior advisers, who told Fox News about the development. He said the new platform would be out in two to three months from now.

According to the spokesman for Trump’s 2020 campaign, Jason Miller also briefed Fox News that, the former president would bounce back on social media with a launch of a new platform owned by him that would correct  irregularities and restrictions of freedom on other networks

However, in a recent report, the management of Twitter had seek the public’s opinion on how and when the platform should clamp down on world leaders. In a statement released last week, They said,  they’re currently reviewing policy and considering whether the rules that guide other users should also be applied to world leaders.

Also, Facebook had asked the public whether to uphold the ban of Trump or reverse it.

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