Three Business You can Start with Low Capital that will Sustain You in Nigeria – Olainfo

 Three Business You can Start with Low Capital that will Sustain You in Nigeria – Olainfo

The unemployment rate in the country is so alarming, to get daily bread has become so difficult that even graduates finds it hard to secure a job for their livelihood. Many have graduated and ended up doing what is far different from their academic field, this alone is discouraging a lot of Nigerians, many of them don’t longer see education as a key success. They now rather engage in illicit business just to meet up needs.

Many people don’t know about how to establish a learn a skill, many don’t even know what to do, also some only prefer white-collar job where they just sit in the office and earn at the end of the month not knowing that there are many ways to earn 3 times of that monthly pay. Looking at the situation of things in Nigeria and attempt to find solution to the predicament of people especially those who still do not know what to do, Olainfo has compiled and elaborate in this article, three skills you can start with low capital that will certainly interest the readers. The number on our list is:

  1. Laundry Services

This is a skill you don’t really need to go through to acquire, as an individual that love dressing decently, you always ensure your cloths are properly washed  and smoothened with electric iron each time you go out. This is a cool activities you turn in business, it’s not expensive to start. All you to do is to get an electric iron, a washing machine and if possibly rent a shop if there limited space where you. You can as well skip the washing machine if you don’t have the money, your hands are not weak to wash. If you also chose to specialize on ironing, you still make money as people finds this as a difficult task to do at home, so they rather take it laundry man to do the job for them. Nut if you could combine all this services, wash and iron, the higher your income too. It mostly pays high where they lack electricity.

  • Motor Repair

Motor repair popularly known as mechanic in our country, most Nigerians see it as a dirty job not knowing a lot of people are making huge from it. Many people are ashamed of doing this job but ignorant of the high income it produces. The kind of motors we buy here are mostly second hand used which they imported from other western countries, all this motors easily develop fault that will need the help of mechanics to rectify. The kind of duties Nigerians assign their cars, vans, trucks including the state of roads they ply contribute to the frequent faults motor users experience everyday.  If you go to a mechanic workshop that knows the work very well, you will a lot of motors parked for repairs, no work in mechanic shop they charge below 1000 naira. You too can take advantage of this great opportunity and become responsible to your self don’t mind the nature, you can become rich from there, you can even stand out to be decent while doing the job provided with modern tools that will ease the stress of mechanical duties.

  • Open a Restaurant shop

It you don’t know how to cook good foods, better go and learn it because this skill has made a lot of people rich. Due to the nature of job of some people especially those who leave house around 5:00am, they don’t have time to prepare what to eat they rather rely on eating in a restaurant when they have a brief break at work. This set of people eat sometimes both in the morning and in the afternoon. Think of what you will make if you see like 100 turn of customers in a day. All you need to do is to acquire the skill, get a shop with a reasonable space, buy tables and chairs in quantity you can afford as a beginner, get a freezer for your water and drinks, then you are done. You spice up your package as you continue making it to attract more customers, but most importantly, ensure you cook a delicious food.