Sahara Reporters is Hiring Writers, Successfull Applicants to Work from

Sahara Reporters is Hiring Writers, Successfull Applicants to Work from Home

Sahara Reporters, an outstanding investigative news website has announced, it is hiring writer who is ready to face the mediocrity and ineptitude in Nigeria governing system.

The platform stated that, applicants who is angry about poor governance and bad policy of the government must be courageous to write about them.

According the source, the job is for people who are ready to speak the truth regardless of the oppression.

Applicant must be ready to write well-informed articles on topical issues like local, national and regional. The write must also be ready to provoke thoughts and conversation on public policies, trending natianal stories and how they affect communities.

Experience in writing opinion articles is grand, but we require more than that. Our ideal candidate is a courageous writer who is angry about the mediocrity and ineptitude in governance and who can stir the fire for repositioning. 

We seek writers who can be the voice for the oppressed and confidently write on themes that define and advance our core mission: to expose corruption and government malfeasance, promote citizens rights and uphold the democratic principles that guarantee a just society.

How to apply

Please send us a cover letter that describes your background, passion, and expertise and why you are the ideal candidate for the position. 

Also attach your CV and two sample columns of a maximum of 800 words each on related topics to with “columnist” as the subject line.  Previously published articles are acceptable. The deadline to submit your application is July 31.

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