Reno Omokri Shares Tweet Of 2014 To Prove Loko-Oweto Bridge Was Built By

Reno Omokri Shares Tweet Of 2014 To Prove Loko-Oweto Bridge Was Built By Goodluck Jonathan

Former aide to former president Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has cleared the air on the argument encompassing the real initiator of the Loko-Oweto bridge in Benue State.

There have been serious argument and misconception on the adminstration that started the project since after completion.

Olainfo has learnt over time that some Nigerians have been crediting the former president Goodluck Jonathan for starting the project and left it 90% completed before the present government took over in 2015.

This set of people have severally criticised the Buhari led administration not to claim the project because the former president almost completed it before he was rigged out while some Nigerians believe it’s Buhari’s project.


However, there are set of people too who believe one of the qualities of a good leadership is continuity. These people claim that, the present administration has done well by not abandoning the project and merit should be given to both the initiator and the person that completed it.

While clearing the doubt, Reno being the former aide to the former president who has a vast knowledge of the previous government activities rooted his 2014 tweet which reveals the bridge was constructed by Goodluck Jonathan and allged the APC government of claiming the achievement.

According to him, he shared the tweet to prove to Nigerians who still feel the former president didn’t achieve anything while in office.

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