PHOTO: Meet Nigerian Senator who Recommended Electronic Transmission of

PHOTO: Meet Nigerian Senator who Recommended Electronic Transmission of Election Results and Still Votes against It

Nigeria Senate had earlier ruled out the bill seeking possibility of having election election results transmitted electronically.

The Senate ruled it out when voted that the Nigerian Communication Commission with Natianal Assembly approval would determine whether INEC could transmit results electronically or not.

Some of the lawmakers who voted against the bill attributed their decisions to the fact that NCC had declared that only 43 per cent of Nigeria have access to the internet.

However, one of the lawmakers who recommended the electoral bill also reportedly voted against it.

Kabiru Gaya: Senator who recommended electronic transmission of results and still voted against it

Kabiru Gaya is an architect and former governor of Kano state who served from from 1992-93. According to reports, he was the chairman, Senate INEC committee when he recommended the e-transmission of election results.

The 69-year-old man triggered reactions after voting against his own wish for the fear of losing free and fair election.

Below are reactions from Nigerians

“APC in action. APC have asked all its members to vote against the electronic transmission of result. It’s a pity how APC government is by dragging Nigeria back.
In the 21 century be where thing is digital.”

“If you followed what happened in the Senate yesterday, the President said 25+ for e-transmission, 50+ against and concluded that about 20+ Senators are not around, why then going for election for all the senators are not on seat, they already knew what to do before hand, watch it even after 2023, that is 2027 they will still reject e-transmission of election results, despicable.”

“He decided to join multitude to do evil against Nigerian, they have money but do they have rest of mind?”

“Imagine since 1992 this man has been in power yet he still want to remain there till his 100 tru rigging and ballot snatching. Shame “

“It shows they cannot win in any free and fair elections if not why say no for something that will give Nigerians a credible elections, shameless thieves.”

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