Pastor Agochukwu Miraculously Restores Man’s Manh00d, Increases The Size During Deliverance Service (Watch Video)

 Pastor Agochukwu Miraculously Restores Man’s Manh00d, Increases The Size During Deliverance Service (Watch Video)

Nigerian Pastor and the Founder of Shekina Area Ministries, Evangelist Gospel Agochukwu, has kept people talking following a recent miracle he did where he claimed that he collected back stolen manhood of a man and gave him back a bigger size through the spiritual realm.

The performer of this implausible miracle, Evangelist Agochukwu, took it up to his Religious Organization Facebook Page and made it known to the public that he made the young man’s manhood is bigger and stronger by the power of the Holy Spirit.

In the video which entails a virtual scene, an unspecified young man could be seen standing in front of the Pastor confirming every vision made by the Man of God.

Evangelist Gospel asked the young man if he knows who took his boxers, and he replied to him that he don’t know and had been looking for his boxer for the past two weeks but couldn’t find it, alongside his private part.

“They collected your boxers and said your manhood will stop working. Ever since then you can’t feel your manhood. When you stay for sometimes you will touch it small, even on the bus? I will collect back your manhood and give it back to you. Do you want a bigger size? I can increase the size spiritually,” the Pastor said while the man confirms his vision apace with a louder amen.

The Minister further prayed for him and asked God to release his manhood, stomach, and Intestine, and also make him not to be useless in life. Immediately the pastor touched the man, he jerks and fell on the floor.

A married man who was having the same issue shared his testimony of how he got healed by God through the Minister.

“It was on 15th of November, that day I washed my cloth by myself. After then, when I went to pack the clothes I find out that my boxers are missing. My family, security, and gateman are the only persons living in the compound but sometimes his girlfriend normally comes to my house and my friends. It was later that I discovered that I could not feel my manhood in my body. I could no longer urinate properly and my manhood was just like a stick. Fortunately, I came to Shekina and I was prayed for, my manhood came back to life,” the married man narrated.

Source: Real Gist Online TV

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