Pastor Acquires Multi-million Naira House for Scholarship Beneficiaries

Pastor Acquires Multi-million Naira House for Scholarship Beneficiaries

The general overseer and founder of Omega Power Ministry, Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere has acquired a house worth millions of naira for Beneficiaries of OPM’s university scholarship in Turkey

The pastor who’s known for his philanthropic lifestyle has again suprised the world as he just put smiles in the face of his scholarship beneficiaries by presenting a multi-million naira mansion for them in Turkey.

The Apostle revealed that he had to acquire the house because of cost of rent in the country, so he dicided to get the children a befitting house in the name of Omega Power Ministry.

The house according to Apostle Chinyere is 7 bedroom fully detached duplex.

For the past ten years, OPM has been sending people on scholarships to United states of America, South Africa, Canada and United Kingdom.

About 16 students who were recipients of Omega Power Ministries (OPM) foreign university scholarships left for Turkey in January twhile about 46 more students joined them three weeks ago.

A statement from the OPM media said Apostle Chinyere travelled traveled with them to ensure they are comfortable.

“After noticing the high cost of accommodations in turkey, Apostle Chinyere who have a golden heart and cares very much for humanity purchased a building few meters away from the University in Turkey for the comfort of the students.

“The house was bought for them to stay and go to school from there and at least there will be no more paying of rent.

“It will interest people to know that their school fees and resident permit have all been paid. In addition, Apostle Chinyere have paid for their books for one year.

“Apostle Chinyere also bought washing machines, driers, televisions, fridge , bed etc for them to be comfortable in Turkey.

“Also in order to ensure the adequate well being of those students studying in Turkey, Apostle Chinyere has employed the services of an Educationists and a retired Director in Ministry of Defense in Nigeria to take care of the students in Turkey. Her Visa has been processed, flight ticket paid by Apostle Chinyere waiting to depart Nigeria to Turkey next week,” the statement added.

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