NPower: These Tips Will Help You Update Your Profile and Validate Your BVN Successfully on NASIMS Portal

 NPower: These Tips Will Help You Update Your Profile and Validate Your BVN Successfully on NASIMS Portal

For those NPower batch C applicants who’re finding it hard to validate or update their profile on the NASIMS portal can use the following tips to solve their various challenges in updating their profiles.

As you are all aware that it’s mandatory you update your profile on the NASIMS portal before taking the online test which takes 20 minutes to answer.

Applicants are advised their details on the documents provided on the portal are correct to avoid being blocked or having difficulties accessing their accounts.

However, most of the complains from curious applicants who have been finding it hard to update their profiles are caused majorly by network. In other to relief the applicants and help process their application successfully, the management of NPower has rolled out some useful tips that can help them validate their BVN and update their profile.

Unable to validate BVN?

  • Applicants should ensure correct date of birth as registered with BVN/ Bank is imputed.
  • This could be network issue sometimes, you will have to try again.

Unable to update profile?

  • The management have said it could be network issues, so applicants are advised to always try again after several hours.

I tried to reset my password but didn’t get the reset password email?

  • Applicants should wait for a few hours and try again.
  • Note that, you’re expected to send the reset password request once and wait for the mail. If applicant requests for a reset link multiple times, applicant should use most recent link.
  • Applicant should ensure to always check “spam folder” if link is not received after several hours.

Account blocked when trying to take test?

  • Applicants are allowed a maximum of 3 attempts to take the online test after which test account will be locked.
  • After initial 3 attempts, applicants are permitted one final attempt after 6 hours.

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