Mixed Reactions as Mechanic Uses Customer's Car Worth around N15m as

Mixed Reactions as Mechanic Uses Customer’s Car Worth around N15m as Collateral for N1.5m Debt

There have been a mixed reactions over a report of a motor mechanic who allegedly used a customer’s car as collateral for a debt of N1.5 million in Lagos.

As bizzare stories keep unfolding in the commercial hub of Nigeria, Lagos on daily basis, a Twitter user has set the social space agog after reporting how his mechanic (name withheld) took his car to a man he is owing N1.5 million as collateral.

According to the user, @Emmyzuel revealed in his tweet that, he actually took the car to the mechanic to fix the A/C. From the write up, the man is seemed to have left the workshop after he dropped the car with with him.

And unfortunately for him, on getting back to pick his car, he found out the mechanic had driven his car out of the workshop to give an unidentified man he was owing as a collateral.

The model of the car is ES350 and from our findings, it is worth around N15 million in Nigeria market.

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