Meet Police Woman Who Rescued Armed Robbery Victim, Paid His Hospital Bills

Meet Police Woman Who Rescued Armed Robbery Victim, Paid His Hospital Bills And Donated Blood

As there are many bad eggs in the Nigeria Police Force who defame the image of the institution, there are also good ones who are protecting the reputation in a bid to counter the general view of the people.

In Nigeria today, being a police officer seems not to be respected by the citizens anymore due to several reports of brutality on Innocent people across the country.

Recall that, the excesses of the security operatives led to the mass EndSARS protest that lead to the October 20 Lekki massacre. Apparently, people are virtually losing hope in the security system of the country due to the unconstitutional conduct of some of the security men.

Unarguably, there are a lot of reports of officers who had rejected bribes on duty contrary to general view that’s it’s a tradition within the institution to extort motorists and charge people¬†who have case with them unconstitutionally, ignoring the legal procedures.

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They’re many of them who had rendered selfless service to the nation and being honoured by the government. 

However, I am very sure you will believe with me that Nigeria Police is one of the best in the continent after reading this. There are several reports of police officers in the country who have rendered humanitarian services to the citizens just like the Western police.

Mrs. Celestina Kalu is a Superintendent of Police serving in Lagos State Nigeria. She was reported to have recued an armed robbery victim, took him to the hospital and paid for his bills 

The victim identified as Friday Ajabor, was shot by a two-man robbery gang at MKO Abiola park in Ojota, Lagos. Mrs Kalu saw the victim lying helplessly in pain and took him to the hospital.

Aside paying her hospital bills, reports also revealed that she offered to donate blood and also paid for his surgery. She’s not popular because, she has not been honoured by the government.

Source: Nykol Opera News

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