Lucrative Business You Can Do in Student Environment in Nigeria

 Lucrative Business You Can Do in Student Environment in Nigeria

There are a lot of businesses and skills you can do in the country that will fetch you more than expectation in environment where students live. Many graduate without work yet to discover the tricks behind all these businesses and skills, they’re still waiting for government to provide white collar job for them. So as many student don’t know they can be studying and working as well, it’s of their advantage to add extra source income to the one they receive from parent to sustain their living in the school. 

However, there are ones that fits and will be easy for the students that won’t

Interrupt their studies. While on the other hand, the graduates who live in such area and yet to discover a means of living can take advantage of the message of this piece. They’re ones that need much time and not too much money to start and can be best done by the graduates or any jobless individual who seek a means of living. This is why I have come with a list of businesses and skills base on my experience when I was I studying in the university.

During my years in the university, especially my residential area, I discovered a lot of opportunities in making money in the school environment. Due to the population of students that reside those environment, the kind of business that may not thrive in some parts of the country were booming and owners were making big from them. Take your time to read this informative and enlightening piece carefully, the message you are about to get from the article might change your life for better. Follow me as I unfold the details of the businesses and skills one after the other.

POS Service: this literally means Point of Sales Machine which you popularly call cash back. It’s however good for both the undergraduates, graduates and any jobless person, but I will recommend it for the students. POS machine is what you can get from the bank after an agreement might have been reached. Before you will be issued a machine, the bank official will first inspect the site of the business, that’s where you want to run the cash back service. What you are to do with this machine is very simple and easy, after you must have acquired the machine from the bank, you can take it with you to schools to provide services to people who need money urgently and avoiding the stress of going to the  ATM machine.

That is literally the use of the machine, to withdraw and transfer money to people who are find it stressful to go to the bank. Where you get profit is the percentage you add to the money your customers want to withdraw. In my area, to withdraw 1,000 naira, you will be charged additional 30 naira. The higher the money to withdraw, the higher the charge. The banks also have their percentage they charge, I can’t ascertain the amount they charge for each transaction but it all depend on the policy of each bank.

Selling Food Stuff: this is for both men and women, whether graduate or not. Food is a very essential part of human being. Without food living is not guaranteed, if you run this business in a student environment trying to form a street market, I assure, you will get higher percentage of income than your colleagues that sell in the main market. Some students of nowadays are too lazy to go to the market but wish to get everything at their fingertips, they rather buy from a street seller especially those who live far away from the main market. If you are a student and you are reading this, you should know what I’m talking about.

Laundry Service: everybody needs to iron their cloths before they head to lectures and daily routines. Most times taking cloths to laundry shop to iron with money is not because there’s no light or no iron, many students love to do things at late or rush hours. They won’t iron a day before lecture in their room, some due to laziness while some due to lack of iron. With these opportunities, you can make big and start doing great things with your underrated business or skill.

Nicholas Oladipupo

A Nigerian journalist and graduate of Linguistics and Communication Studies. You can reach him via [email protected]