Latest News on Npower Stipends, January and February Payment Today, April 3, 2022

 Latest News on Npower Stipends, January and February Payment Today, April 3, 2022

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Today, April 3, 2022, I will be sharing with you the latest news on NPowe stipends, January and February payment for beneficiaries.

FG Has Not Approved the budget for payment of Npower january Stipends. Be Patient.

The latest NASIMS news on stipend payment is that the federal government president Muhammadu Buhari has not approved the budget that will be used for the payment of Npower January stipend to beneficiaries.

NASIMS Apologies for Delay in Npower January stipend Payment.

As usual, The management of National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) which is the central management platform for the administration and coordination of Social Investment Programmes under the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development  has apologized for failing to pay Npower Batch C beneficiaries their January stipend in January.

The management stated that the delay is unavoidable.

NASIMS Sends New Notice On Batch C Stream 2 Physical Verification Exercise

the National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) has sent a notice to prospective Npower Batch C Stream 2 applicants regarding fake information on physical verification exercise.

NASIMS disclosed this on their Facebook page, where they stated that there is no official announcement regarding the commencement of the Physical Verification exercise for Npower Batch C stream 2 applicants.

According Nasims:


“Please note that there is NO official announcement regarding the commencement of the Physical Verification exercise for Npower Batch C stream 2 applicants.”

“Any publication containing such malicious information is simply fake, misleading and should be disregarded.”

“Should there be such exercise in the nearest future, a post shall be put up to that effect across all our social media platforms.

“Stay tuned!

Thank you”

Npower January and February Stipend Payment Date.

The payment date for January and February stipends has not been announced or confirmed by NASIMS management.

We encourage Npower beneficiaries to keep praying for speedy approval of their stipends.
Npower Batch C beneficiaries lament the non-payment of January and February stipends.

Npower Batch C beneficiaries have taken to various social media platforms to express their anger over the non-payment of Npower January and February stipends.

Beneficiaries asked NASIMS management to adopt the payment method used by NYSC in paying corpers.

Npower Batch C beneficiaries also lament that when Npower was under the supervision of VP Yemi Osinbajo, everything was very smooth. Beneficiaries were paid before the due time… but since it was moved to the supervision of Fauro, everything changed from good to worse.

Npower Latest News on N-Build Trainees

The latest Npower news now is that the Federal Government has approved 50,000 N-Build Trainees. Congratulations to all the beneficiaries.
Payment Of Npower January Stipend to be initiated Sooner
The Federal Government, through NASIMS management, has said that the Npower January stipend payment will be initiated very soon, as expected.

The statement reads as follows:

Dear N-Power Batch C (Stream 1) Beneficiaries,

We informed you last week about the payment of the awaiting January, February, and March stipends. While we congratulate you on your patience, we hereby inform you that payment of January stipends will be initiated sooner than expected.

Keep your accounts validated.

Npower News: Buhari Yet To Approve Npower January Stipend Payment – NASIMS

According to the most recent Npower news, NASIMS management has stated that President Muhammadu Buhari has not signed the budget for the payment of the Npower January and February stipends

Nasims Warns Over Npower Stream 2 Fake N500 Enlightenment Fee

The Management of Npower Programme Nasims has Warned Npower Stream 2 applicants Over Fake N500 Enlightenment Fee.

This information was given after Nasims noticed a cloned website demand money for batch c stream enlightenment. Below is the warning given by Nasims.

Nasims Wrote:

Our attention has just been drawn to a frivolous post making rounds on social domain announcing the payment of #500 for supplementary enlistment in N’Power Batch C2

As a matter of fact, Npower/Nasims can and will NEVER request monetary payment of any kind from applicants to be enlisted/shortlisted in any of the programs, as this deceptive approach contradicts the purpose of the scheme and what we stands for.

Kindly DISREGARD such deceptive chunk stemming from clone sites aimed at preying on gullible clams.

NASIMS announces kicks off Npower January stipend payment to beneficiaries

Latest Npower January stipend payment today

Following the delay in their NPower January stipend payment, the National Social Investment Management System, NASIMS, has announced that the January Npower stipend payment process has begun in an effort to put smiles on the faces of Npower Batch C stream 1 beneficiaries.

According to NASIMS : To be clear, your January 2022 payment is currently being reviewed and is nearing completion. To that end, payment will be initiated as soon as possible, while all outstanding 2021 debts are gradually resolved. Furthermore, the technical issues we’ve been dealing with are a factor in the payment irregularities.

“At this time, we are unable to provide an exact start date for payment of January 2022 stipends, but we can assure you that you will be paid soon.”

NASIMS management Apologies for Npower January and February Stipend Payment Delay.

NASIMS management has apologised to N-power Batch C beneficiaries for the delay in payment of Npower January and February stipends.

According to NASIMS management, the delay is due to a lack of funds.

The management assured beneficiaries that their stipends would be paid as soon as possible

The statement reads,

Recall that we published a precise report a few weeks ago, clearly stating the reason for the unprogressive payment system in the N-Power scheme. This information is with regards to the disturbances and complaints by beneficiaries over unpaid January and February stipends.

Npower January stipend Payment to be Initiated before 24th March.

Latest Npower news : The payment of Npower January stipends has been rescheduled after a partial activation of the January stipend payment failed due to a lack of funds. On or before Thursday, March 24th, 2022, it will be turned on.

Npower January payment has yet to be approved by the federal ministry, according to information obtained by GoldenNewsNg

“The payment will begin after the ministry approval,” an inside source familiar with the process said.

Npower December Failed Payment – Why You Should Not Worry If Once Paid

If you have already received your Npower stipends for September, October, and November, you should not be concerned if you have not yet received your Npower December salary.

System failures, according to NASIMS management, were to blame for the failed payment.

All beneficiaries will receive their due stipends on a timely basis, according to NASIMS management.

The latest Npower January Payment news today is that NASIMS management has refused to give further updates on when Npower January and February stipends will be initiated.

However, an inside source told us that the Npower January stipend payment will be made this week if all things go as planned.

Still not received Npower December stipend? 

Those who have received their previous stipends but are having problems with their December payment? They should either wait or contact NASIMS management.

The Npower January stipend payment will be initiated soon, according to information available to us.

Our users are encouraged to be patient. When the Npower January stipend payment is officially announced by NASIMS management it will be published on this platform.

Npower Latest News  : Npower December Backlog Stipends are being paid to beneficiaries

The good news now is that NASIMS management has announced commencement of  Npower December Backlog Stipends Payment to beneficiaries whose payments have failed.

The Statement reads; 

The payment of December stipends has just recommenced yesterday 1/3/2022 after a long period of PROCESSING. While we don’t take pleasure in the delay, all unpaid Beneficiaries for the month of December will definitely get their payment.

Npower Latest News  : NASIMS Management Apologizes for Npower December Payment Failure

The NASIMS management has apologized for the Npower December Stipend Payment’s massive failure.

The management promised that all Npower Batch C1 beneficiaries would receive their December payment as soon as possible.

The statement reads as follows:

We are aware of the massive payment failure in December and the volunteers who have yet to be paid. As a result, our teams are working around the clock to resolve the issue. Please be aware that all failed December payments will be resent. Be patient and wait for your payment to begin as soon as possible.

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this delay has caused you.

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