Latest News on Npower Stipend Payment, NASIMS Portal Downtime Today, May 5,

Latest News on Npower Stipend Payment, NASIMS Portal Downtime Today, May 5, 2022

This is the latest Npower news for today, May 5, 2022.

In today’s Npower news, Olainfo will be sharing with you, the latest news update on Npower stipend payment, Npower GEEP loan and Nasims portal downtime.

Latest News on Npower February Stipend Payment

If you haven’t received your Npower February payment yet, keep an eye out.

The stipend payment for March has yet to be processed. The payment of the April stipend will begin as soon as the March stipend has been successfully disbursed.

The payment of the Npower February Stipend, which has been moved from pending to processing, would begin after the Muslim festival, according to NASIMS management.

Npower GEEP Loan 2022

Through the GEEP project, the Federal Government has offered to provide an interest-free loan of up to N300,000 to N-power beneficiaries.

Government Enterprise and Empowerment Program (GEEP) is an acronym for Government Enterprise and Empowerment Program. It is a Nigerian government program to fund Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs).

Requirements for Npower GEEP Loan 2022

Government is likely to make it easier for N-power beneficiaries, so below are possible Npower requirements for GEEP loan;

Bank Verification Number (BVN)
National Identity Number (NIN). See how to check your NIN using a mobile phone.

Psychometric test, Npower beneficiaries are to undergo a psychometric test before the loan will be given to them.

How to Apply for Npower GEEP Loan 2022

Visit Visit to get started.

Nasims Portal Downtime

The NASIMS official portal is currently unavailable, according to the most recent Npower news.

Npower Batch C1 is now unable to access their dashboard. There’s no need to be concerned. The NASIMS management stated that they are performing routine maintenance.
According to NASIMS management, the maintenance will take 48 hours to complete.

The following is a quote from the NASIMS management statement:

“As you may have tried to access NASIMS portal for quite a while but were unsuccessful, kindly note that the portal is under maintenance which is expected to be through and back online within 48 hours. You shall be duly informed once it’s up and running. All inconveniences this moment may cause you are highly regrettable. Thank you”

Beneficiaries are urged to exhibit patience while the portal is being repaired, as stated in the preceding message.

NASIMS has also advised beneficiaries who have been paid for the January and February stipend but have not received the money in their accounts to visit their bank for confirmation of their account being credited without receiving an alert, obtain a statement of account, and lodge a complaint to that effect on N’Power’s official Instagram handle.

How To Fix Issues of Npower Stipend Paid But Not Credited to your Account

If you are a Npower batch C stream 1 beneficiary who is having issues with your stipend being credited but not paid, Npower management recommends that you follow the steps below to resolve the issue:

If you haven’t received an alert, go to your bank to confirm that your account has been credited.

Obtain a statement of account and file a complaint with the N-Power official Instagram handle “Npower ng” for appropriate action if the money did not drop.

Beneficiaries are strongly recommended, according to Nasims, to file complaints exclusively on the Npower official Instagram handle “Npower ng” and not on the Npower Facebook official page or any other Facebook channel.

Nasims advised that you strictly follow this advice to resolve your payment issue.

The distribution of Npower stipends for March 2022 will begin soon, as is customary, although the payment for February is still being processed.

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