JUST IN: Israeli Military Fires Shots at Rioters Who Crossed from Lebanon

JUST IN: Israeli Military Fires Shots at Rioters Who Crossed from Lebanon into Israel

The Israel Defense Forces have fired shots at some rioters who crossed from Lebanon into Israeli territory to unleash more mayhem amid ongoing attacks ensuing between Israel and Palestine.

It was reported earlier today that rockets were launched from Lebanon into Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Northern Israel. Israel Defense Forces confirmed three rockets were fired from Lebanon in allged defense of Palestine over Gaza attack.

However, the government of Lebanon had also earlier apologised, adding that it was a mistake and the people behind the strike have been arrested. This happened amid the attacks between Israeli military and Palestinian militia who reportedly fired missiles into Israeli territory after Israeli rockets mistakenly fell off Gaza Strip and knocked down a tower.

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Hours after the Lebanon attack, a latest report has indicated that some set of rioters crossed the border of Lebanon into Israeli territory to unleash mayhem amid the ongoing chaos.

The Israel Defense Forces confirmed the news about a hour ago and reported that a number of assailants from Lebanon crossed into Israel, violently demonstratd their grievances over the attacks between Israel and Palestine.

The source revealed that the suspects sabotaged the fence and set a fire in the area before military forces invaded them and fired shots towards them before they retreated back to the Lebanese territory.

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