Inside Government Owned School Built around a "Short Time" Hotel

Inside Government Owned School Built around a “Short Time” Hotel Where “Quickie” is Done Outside While Pupils Watch (Videos/Photos)

Olainfo has obtained a set of videos and photos about a government owned primary school in Anambra state where pupils are subjected to learning in a dangerous and unhygienic environment with a “short time” around the learning space.

unhygienic environment

From the pictures and videos shared on social media, pupils are seen learning in a dangerous and unhygienic environment.
The classrooms are not even built with normal bricks but woods with the premises looking so disgusting and unkept.

school building

The pupils are obviously at risk with the condition of the woods and rusted roof. The entire school could blow off in a wild storm and Ony God knows the faith of the pupils during heavy downpours too.

According to the poster of the videos and photos Ifeanyichukwu, Okpoko Primary School is a goevernment owned school situated at Opkoko town in Anambra state.


He revealed how the Head Mistress used her personal money to develop an uncompleted fence around the school. He added that one of the buildings around the school is a “short time” hotel where “quickie” is done outside while pupils watch.

short timel hotel quarter

He also confirmed that, Anambra state govenrment has been deducting five thousand naira from the teachers’ salary with reason unverified.

However, the HM is soliciting supports from the public to raise funds to fix some things in the school. If it rains, it’s hell for her, staffs and pupils, she stated. Watch videos below 👇

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