How You Can Get Rid of Severe Cough and Catarrh With This Common Leaves

How You Can Get Rid of Severe Cough and Catarrh With This Common Leaves

Cough and Catarrh as highly contagious diseases have rendered many people weak and claimed some lives when it is not properly or promptly treated.

There are a lot of refined pills out there that can combat this dangerous diseases but seem not to be effective in some individuals’ body as the effectiveness sometimes is likely determined by the body system.

Cold, dust are parts of the primary cause of cough and catarrh which in most times result to fever and headache if not promptly treated. In some cases, it’s caused by the reaction of the immune system to some kind of infection or irritation with complicating symptoms like swollen of throat and nose which produce mucus.

Many have tried the technologically produced medicines and have worked for them and have also failed many as well. Some have tried local herbs but didn’t get a positive result while some are living testimony today.

If you have tried series of different herbs and didn’t get a promising result doesn’t mean you should give up on life. It’s possible you’ve not or they’ve not recommended a perfect root and leave to treat your cough and catarrh.

However, a group of local herb practitioners have unanimously conducted a research on extra health usefulness of SCENT leaves and have found out to be posses a strong effect on severe cough and catarrh.

It’s easy to use and does not require machine or extra procedure to process. Just squeeze the leaves with your palm and extract out the water, add a half glass of lime and mix it properly. Do this and drink 3 times daily.

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