How to Secure a Job Easily in Nigeria - Olainfo

How to Secure a Job Easily in Nigeria – Olainfo

Getting job in the country is climbing Zuma rock, the system of governance in Nigeria has contributed to high rate of unemployment in Nigeria that has now left citizens, graduates in despair. It is obvious government is not ready for the masses as they only care for their own pockets and needs. Meanwhile in some parts of the western world, where employment rate is high, as a graduate, you will secure job immediately after school if you chose to work of people. There opportunities there where can work and at the same time studying in school, this is one of the reasons why many Nigerians prefer to study oversea with the hope of guaranteed employment after school.

And if you chose to go for skill acquisition, it tends to be the most lucrative idea in those areas, as the payment for services over there can not in any way be compared with the way they pay for services here in Nigeria. The kind of skills in Nigeria that yields little money is believed to yield more than 80% of income in the western societies. Nigeria as country is a place where it’s easy for entrepreneurs to thrive in their business with vast population of over 180,000,000 but the value of currency here is a major factor that has presented the idea of leaning skill to Nigeria to be more underrated.

To get job in the country has been so difficult both in the public and private parastatal. If you don’t have a relative, friend or someone you know in an organization, your chances of being employed is low as it only takes the grace of God. Some will even conduct a successful interview with you and still demand you bring money to be employed, this kind of act is not common in the western world.

However, we have some suggestions that might help your pursuit for employment in the country, it has worked for some people and failed some too. Everything in life takes the grace of our creator to achieve. This few tactics may help in your bid for job.

Dress properly and look good in it, some employers have gone so far that they don’t honour people who are not in the same class with them. In an attempt to convince them to consider your application, you can dress and appear neat and clean before them, this alone could guarantee you the space for looking like them in appearance. Don’t allow your look to reflect your real status.

Be humble and show some of signs of respect. Majority of these employers love humility so much, some of them must have develop this love due to where and how they raised. When you want to approach such people, you should be able to present your utterances and manner in a humble way, this could convince the person and consider your application even without much interview. If you are not the humble type who is full of pride, start developing the character now.

Erase fear from your face. When you are in a job interview, always make sure you avoid fear, when you your look speaks about fear, the authority might not consider your application because working in any organization requires courage and strong mind whose effort can take the organization to a greater height. When you have public phobia, you may commit a lot of errors when answering questions, always be courageous when going for job interview as many employers mostly consider people with great mind and courageous appearance. Always be optimistic too.

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