Hilarious Moment Furious Man Slapped Newly Appointed Governor in Public (Video)

 Hilarious Moment Furious Man Slapped Newly Appointed Governor in Public (Video)

A bizarros video of a furious man who gave an Iranian governor, a hot slap while giving a speech on stage has left many in awe.

The trending video making round on the internet for five days now has triggered reactions across the world.

CNN reports that the incident happened during the introduction of a newly appointed governor in one of Iranian provinces when a mysterious man walked on stage and gave him a resounding slap in the face.

According to the source, the new governor, who was appointed to as the governor of East Azerbaijan province, Zeinolabedin Khorram received the hit while delivering a speech at the Imam Khomeni Mosque during his introduction in northeastern city of Tabriz on Saturday.

In the video, the mysterious man is seen as he walks calmly to the governor on stage, slapped him in the face and then shoving him.

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However, security guards around the event swiftly intervened and whisked the attacker out of the stage.

The report further states that, Iranian Minister of Interior representative of Ayatollah Khamenei’s office was present when the embarrassing incident took place.

A news agency, Tasnimy in the country identified the attacker as Ayoubu Alizadeh who is an officer of Iranain armed forces.

This is coming four months after similar incident took place in France this year when an angry protester slapped Emmanuel Macron in the face.

Watch video below

Video Credit: The Guardian

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