Gulder Ultimate Search 2021 Live Stream, October 24 New Episode

Gulder Ultimate Search 2021 Live Stream, October 24 New Episode

As Gulder Ultimate Search 2021 18 contestants embark on a jungle task in search of a hidden treasure, viewers from every parts of Nigeria are glued to their TV screens to catch the actions, suspense and adventure as they unfold.

In the previous episode, the warriors built hut that will shelter them throughout their camping in the jungle. They also had yam, cooked by the ladies as dinner.

Subsequently in the night, a fight broke out between one of the male contestants and some female contestants over privacy matter.

The fight erupted after one of the male warriors with a lamp in his hand walked around the area where the ladies were taking their bath which triggered their anger.

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According to the ladies, the male contestants took one their lamps from where they were kept far away from the bathing ground to navigate his way in the late hours.

One of the ladies, Chidinma who got furious over the male’s failure to apologise, began to react in a loud and Insulting words while others try to settle the duel… more

The search for Akolo’s secrets continues today as new episode of the Gulder Ultimate Search season 12 themed, The Age of Craftsmanship is aired across all designated TV channels.

Howbeit, Olainfo is always ahead to ensure you catch all the drama, suspense and adventures as they unfold in the jungle.

Watch the live stream below. The show starts in a few minutes…..please wait

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