Fact Check: Is Amaka Giving Us What She Promised? Let's Take It Back

Fact Check: Is Amaka Giving Us What She Promised? Let’s Take It Back to The Begining (Video)

This is the BBNaija latest news today as we’ll be taking through Amaka’s journey to the BBNaija season 7 show.

Here on this page, we’re taking you back to the beginning when Amaka debuted for the BBNaija season 7.

Meet Amaka, the content we signed up for. Listen closely and you will find out that what she promised is what she’s giving and more.

Little did did she know ‘Amazons‘ will so massive and strong to back her up this much. However, that’s one of the gains of being original.

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Amazons as the fanbase name of the BBNaija Level Up housemate, Amaka, has grown beyond imagination and the queen herself can’t wait to reciprocate their love after the show.

The management of Amaka BBNaija season 7 housemate has however, sent a thank you message to the Amazons for their continue support.

Now below are clips from the debut moment of Amaka in BBNaija show as we’ll be finding out if she is really giving us what we signed up for.

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