Everton New Stadium 'Coming to Life' as Huge Milestone Marks Next

Everton New Stadium ‘Coming to Life’ as Huge Milestone Marks Next Stage of Plan

The fourth corner at Everton’s new stadium has been installed with the Project Engineer hailing it as a “huge milestone”

The installation of the fourth corner of Everton’s future home at Bramley-Moore Dock has been hailed as a “major milestone” by the project engineer for the Blues’ new stadium. Following the installation of the fourth core, which represents the stadium’s four corners, the grandeur of Everton’s new stadium is now visible to all.

The first precast concrete wall has been dropped into place in the site’s south east corner, providing a tantalizing peek of the renowned waterfront development’s vast enormity.

The above-ground construction on all four edges is now well underway, and the Laing O’Rourke team is pleased with the development. “This is a major milestone for us,” Laing O’Rourke Project Engineer David Jackson said.

The stadium has four main cores, and we began in the north stand, then moved to the south west corner, and ultimately to the south east corner, which is the final stage of getting up and out of the ground.”

Laing O’Rourke’s Centre of Excellence for Modern Construction (CEMC) in Nottinghamshire manufactures all of the pre-cast concrete core pieces off-site.

By moving the process into a more controlled environment, this method of manufacturing eliminates potential quality and safety issues while also reducing waste, which has environmental benefits.

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And the installation of the first 9m, 12 tonne portion in the south east corner is the first time that fans and employees alike can clearly see the bigger image.

Jackson added: “The four cores essentially provide a lot of stability to the entire stadium and the wall that went in today is one of the larger walls we have on the project.

“It’s a huge project and now that the four cores are up and running, soon enough we will see some steel going up in the north, along with starting slabs on the east and west stands, so it’s quickly going to start taking shape.

“It’s hard to believe that this was still a working dock when we started on site last August. That’s now a distant memory and we have achieved so much in a short period of time. It’s really exciting to see the stadium coming to life and we are really pleased with the way it’s going.”

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